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We have a variety of volunteer opportunities! Please let us know if you would like to work on fund-raisers, building projects, participate in an internship, or serve with a short-term missions team.     

Pageant Outreach

Each summer the LDS Church offers nightly outdoor performances of the Nauvoo Pageant. This depiction of the settling of Nauvoo in the 1840s by Joseph Smith and his followers is carefully designed as a proselytizing tool. Visitors are also encouraged to fill out a response card while at the Pageant that enables LDS missionaries to follow up with a home visit. Our ministry offers literature to those attending each night...providing a publication that explains the differences between Mormonism and Biblical teachings. We welcome the involvement of Christians ages 16 and up to help with this distribution effort. With our pageant outreach application you will gain a better understanding of our expectations and allow us the opportunity to get to know you better too. We look forward to serving with you!

prayer support

"...The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." (James 5:16)

Prayer Needs:

  • For those visiting this web site as well as our Center in Nauvoo, IL. Pray that the Gospel "seeds" that are planted would result in great fruitfulness.
  • That God would expand our impact among the LDS people. That our annual summer outreach at the Nauvoo Pageant would be increasingly effective for the advancement of the Gospel.  
  • For the spiritual & physical health of staff and board members. 
  • For the financial health of this ministry.

nauvoo, iLLINOIS

Originally a failed settlement called Commerce or Venus, the Latter-day Saints made this malaria-infested bend of the Mississippi River their own in 1839. Joseph Smith, the Mormon leader, renamed the spot "Nauvoo" and organized it into a thriving community of tidy shops and homes. Of great curiosity to visitors during the 1840's was the large limestone temple being built on the bluff overlooking the city of 12,000. After the assassination of Smith at the Carthage Jail, the Mormons continued to build their temple for two more years --even as they made preparations to pull up stakes and move into the West with the hope of finding a new place to call home.