at your door

Currently there are over 70,000 full-time missionaries promoting the teachings of the LDS Church throughout the world. Like falling dominoes, these dedicated young men and women are the deceived doing the deceiving. Ten hours a day, six days a week, the LDS missionaries seek those who are willing to enter the waters of Mormon baptism. The lonely, the hurting, those seeking a purpose for their lives may be attracted to what has been called "the best church man can build." If you are well-grounded in the Bible and the Mormon missionaries come to your door, we suggest the following:

Make an appointment. Set a future date for the missionaries to return. This will give you time to prepare with study & prayer, and to ask for prayer support.

Get support. Time with the missionaries is more productive if you have the support of a Biblically mature Christian friend, pastor or family member with you during your meetings  (Ecclesiates 4:9-12).

These young men and women are usually away from home for the first time. After spending three weeks of training at the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Provo, Utah (or eight weeks for a foreign language mission) these typically 18 year olds are lonely and isolated from all friends and loved ones. It is during their two-year mission (18 months for women) that many of these young people are actually converted to Mormonism themselves!

During the first meeting you can let the missionaries share their message and use it as a time to build a friendship. Take notes and ask a few questions if you wish.

Open in prayer.  Ask if you can begin the time in prayer. Usually they are very agreeable to such a request. In fact, if the missionaries know you are a person of faith, they will often invite you to pray before they begin a discussion. Take advantage of that opportunity, praying that we would all have a hunger for the Truth, and would be led by the Holy Spirit.

They will ask you to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. We can read it, but we do not need to pray about its truthfulness (or any religious book for that matter).  The Bible does not demand a test through prayer for itself or any other religious book. We either have faith in the Bible or we don’t. The Book of Mormon should be judged by the revelation of the Bible itself, not our feelings, impressions or “answers to sincere prayer.” James 1:5 states that we should pray if we lack wisdom but we do not lack wisdom concerning the Book of Mormon! The Bible shows us that the Book of Mormon is a mixture of true and false teachings- like all of Mormonism.

If a person takes motor oil and pours it into a glass of water it will not mix together even though it is stirred.  Even so, if someone drinks that glass of water and oil they would be taking everything in and it is a poison to their body.  It doesn’t matter if there is some water (truth) included!  It has been said that 99% of rat poison is good food and only 1% poison. Mormonism is a mix of truth and error which is a spiritual poison.   

Christians do not need to read & pray about every apocrypha book or the Koran etc. Strangely enough, Mormons don’t do this either. They only ask the public (and LDS members) to read and pray about the Book of Mormon to know that it is God’s Word. They do not do this for the other three LDS scripture books, let alone the books held as scripture by other religions.

State concerns. For the second meeting with the missionaries you should plan to state some concerns (“this is why I cannot join your church, unless you can adequately answer some questions I have”) and give your personal testimony.

The missionaries are pressured to have their contacts lined up for baptism by the third week of meetings, so you will usually not have a lot of time with them. If you can draw out the meetings longer than two or three weeks that is unusual but shows that they still have hope for you.

Let God lead you. There is no set formula for how to best handle these missionary encounters. Let God lead you as you reach out to these young people. See it as a time to prepare the soil, plant seeds, and to be a loving, positive, Christian example. 

Sometimes we feel hopeless when it comes to protecting our communities from the work of LDS missionaries but there are some things that can be done to safeguard our towns and neighborhoods:

1. Distribute Mission to Mormons door hangers. These clearly written tracts explain the basic doctrinal problems of both the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Mormons. It includes a gospel message as well. You can order MTM door hangers from the Resources section of this website.

2. Allow us to conduct a training seminar in your church. Encourage those who are spiritually mature in your congregation to talk to the missionaries. Have a designated, especially well-trained person in your church that can be called upon to help those in your fellowship that are being visited by the LDS missionaries. If the Christians from your church would consistently reach out to the elders and sisters going door to door, your community could be deemed “unsafe” for the LDS missionary program! The Mormon Church does not want their young people to be “adversely influenced” by non-Mormons. The last thing they want is for their young people to return home from their mission with their faith in Mormonism in tatters!  LDS leaders would pull their missionaries out of your community (at least for a season) if they felt it was “dangerous territory.”

3. Pray for the protection of your community, the salvation of the LDS missionaries and for Christians to be equipped and bold in their witness.

Let us not neglect the opportunities that come knocking!