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Nauvoo Christian Visitors Center / The Bible Museum

The Christian Visitors Center (NCVC) was established in the late 1980's as a witness for Christ among the tens of thousands of LDS pilgrims who visit Western Illinois each year. (Mission to Mormons merged with the Nauvoo Christian Visitors Center in 2009) The Nauvoo Christian Visitors Center is located less than two blocks East of the Nauvoo Temple, and is a safe place to explore the Christian faith, and the differences between Mormonism and Christianity.  The NCVC is in the process of becoming "The Bible Museum," which will help visitors... (1) Discover how the Scriptures came to us from their original languages. (2) Learn of the Biblical prophecies that have been fulfilled. (3) Survey key archeological discoveries that validate the Bible. (4) See how Jesus and His atoning sacrifice is the overarching theme of the Bible --the Word of God for every generation. The Bible Museum is scheduled to open June 2024.  


Inside the Nauvoo Christian Visitors Center 

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