Unfortunately, confusion arises due to the fact that Mormons & traditional Christians use many of the same terms - but with very different definitions! Below are some examples of this language divide:



LDS: Divided into three kingdoms: Celestial, Terrestrial, and Telestial. Only worthy Mormons can go to the Celestial Kingdom where God the Father & Christ dwell (Misuse of I Corinthians 15:40, 41, Doctrine & Covenants 88:28-31).


BIBLE: Only mentions two eternal conditions, everlasting punishment or life eternal. Followers of Christ also receive individual rewards according to their service (Matthew 25:31-46).



LDS: Is an eternal place, but those condemned there can leave after they pay the price of their sins (Doctrine & Covenants 76:103-106; 88:32, 102).


BIBLE: No mention of ever getting out of hell (Revelation 21:8; Matthew 13:24-43; Luke 16:26).


Virgin Birth

LDS: God as a resurrected physical man is the literal Father of Jesus, in the same manner in which all men are conceived (Doctrines of Salvation 1:18; Journal of Discourses 8:115).


BIBLE: Teaches that Mary was with child of the Holy Ghost (Matthew 1:18).


The Godhead

LDS: God the Father is a resurrected man with a physical body, Christ is a separate resurrected man with a physical body, the Holy Ghost is a separate man with a spiritual body. They are three individual gods, one in purpose only (Doctrines of Salvation, vol. 1, pp 1-55).


BIBLE: God is not a man, there is only one God, and God is a spirit (Isaiah 43:10, 11; 44:6, 45:21-22; John 4:24; I Timothy 1:17).


Sons of God

LDS: A belief that we are literally the spirit children of heavenly parents (Doctrine & Covenants 93:21-23, Moses 3:5-7).


BIBLE: Teaches that we become a child of God at conversion to Christ (John 1:12).


Born Again

LDS: Baptism into the Mormon Church (Misuse of John 3:1-13, Alma 7:14 Book of Mormon).


BIBLE: We are spiritually dead until our spiritual re-birth (I Peter 1:23; II Corinthians 5:17).



LDS: Mormon Church system & doctrines (Mormon Doctrine p. 331).


BIBLE: Message of Christ's death and resurrection as atonement for our sins (I Corinthians 15:1,4; Galatians 1:8).


Salvation by Grace

LDS: Christ's death brought universal resurrection, beyond this, man must earn his place in one of three heavens (Mormon Doctrine p. 669-672).


BIBLE: Salvation is based on belief of each individual (Romans 1:16; Hebrews 2:8,9).



LDS: Specific acts, not man's basic nature (The Articles of Faith).


BIBLE: Man is in spiritual rebellion until conversion (Ephesians 2:3; Romans 5:6; Matthew 1:21).



LDS: Teach that the Fall of man was a "necessary step" and a "great blessing". Adam was given two conflicting commandments, and was suppose to fall to enable pro-creation and to make eternal life possible (Moses 5:11 Pearl of Great Price, Gospel Doctrine p.33).


BIBLE: God tempts no one, man's disobedience to God brought about a cursing, not a blessing (James 1:13; 14; Genesis 3:13-19).



LDS: Teach that all people existed before being born on earth; man exists eternally (Doctrine & Covenants 93:29).


BIBLE: Only Christ pre-existed. We didn't have a spiritual existence prior to birth (John 8:58; Col.1:7; I Corinthians 15:46).


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